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What age should I start waxing?

2 Min Read Tuesday 24th April 2018

Regular waxing makes hair grow back finer and sparser over the long term. And often the earlier you start the quicker this process occurs. In some cultures it’s not uncommon for young girls to start waxing before their teenage years to curb their hair growth as they age. But is that too early? At what age is it okay to start waxing?

You can start waxing at any age you like as long as you feel comfortable and are old enough to understand the process. If you’ve got a daughter who wants to start shaving it can be useful to consider waxing as an alternative because the results last much longer than using a razor and other forms of depilation. Plus, there’s the added bonus that it will reduce hair growth over the years if practiced consistently.

Waxing at home will give you plenty of privacy, especially if your daughter feels self conscious. However, a professional wax is useful if you haven’t waxed anyone before. It’s very quick and once it’s done you can leave a month or more between treatments like half-leg waxes and underarm waxes on a young teenager. You’ll just need to check what your local salon’s policy is.

Some salon insurers, like the Guild of Beauty Therapists, advise that¬†a parent or guardian attend the salon with a minor and sign a consent form on a record card before pressing ahead with a treatment. They also advise that intimate waxing, like Hollywoods and Brazilians, shouldn’t be carried out on anyone under the age of 18.

A quick spot test on an inconspicuous area will  give you and your child a better idea of what waxing feels like. If it feels too uncomfortable you can simply hold fire until everyone is happy to have another try later down the line.

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