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Waxing clients with allergies: is it safe?

2 Min Read Friday 13th October 2017

Lots of us have skin conditions and allergies that affect our lifestyles. But what do you do when a client with allergies and sensitive skin wants to book in for a wax at your salon? Should you politely turn them away to save yourself from causing any damage?

Before turning away a potential client with allergies consider these points:

  1. Have an open chat about your client’s unique sensitivities and skin conditions. Common skin complaints, like eczema, can usually be waxed over with the use of gentler wax alternatives and quality pre-wax and post-wax aftercare. Ask about medications that might affect the texture and strength of your client’s skin and check if they’re undergoing any long-term treatments. For example, drug treatments for chemotherapy can dry out the skin, cause hyper-pigmentation and rashes that might not react well to cosmetic products.
  2. Try starting off with a patch test once you’ve discussed any risks with your client in full*. Wax a small, inconspicuous area of the skin and wait 24 hours to see how your client’s skin reacts. If any inflammation, redness or soreness appears that’s greater than you’d normally expect after waxing stop right there.
  3. Think about choosing an alternative wax. Some people can present allergies when their skin comes into contact with the resin that’s used in common salon waxes. We stock a rosin-free wax that’s gentler on the skin and kinder to those with skin sensitivities.
  4. If you’ve successfully been able to wax your client always give plenty of aftercare advice to safeguard their skin. For example, every client (even the ones without allergies) should avoid sunbathing, swimming, saunas and steam rooms after their treatment to allow the pores to close up and reduce the risk of infection.

*We’d always recommend that you’re covered by treatment liability insurance if the worst does happen and your left with an unhappy client who seeks compensation.

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