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How to use a Gradual Tanner

2 Min Read Thursday 5th May 2016

‘Tis the season for gradual tanner! The sun is finally out and we’ve got the perfect product to add a gorgeous glow to your skin and uplift your complexion to match the warmer weather: Gradual Glowing Self Tan!

Scented with a delicious coconut fragrance, this moisturising tanner lends the skin a natural-looking radiance and hint of sun-kissed colour. It√Ǭ†makes a superb introductory product for first-time-tanners and it’s ideal for people with fair skin because the colour result is so subtle.

Here’s how to Gradual Glowing Self Tan:

  • Exfoliate your skin with Polishing Body Scrub to remove dead skin cells and create a smooth base for the application of product√Ǭ†(this step isn’t essential but it will result in a balanced√Ǭ†tan and help your colour last longer).
  • Apply Radiance Body Balm over dry areas of the body, such as the wrists, ankles and elbows (these dry areas tend to absorb more tanner than other parts of the body, which can make them look darker when the tanner has developed. Moisturising them first gets rid of this√Ǭ†problem).
  • Use a tanning mitt or a glove to apply Gradual Glowing Self Tan to the skin. This product is unlike other tanners because it doesn’t have a dark guide colour; it’s more like a rich moisturiser, making it super-easy to apply, and it√Ǭ†leaves the skin feeling velvety-smooth.
  • As soon as the product has soaked into the skin you can put your clothes on and allow the colour to gently develop. It takes√Ǭ†6-8 hours for the tan to fully develop but you should see a colour difference within 2-4 hours. Apply it in the morning and simply go about your day as normal√Ǭ†(or use√Ǭ†it before bed and wake up with a honey-coloured tan√Ǭ†in the morning).
  • There’s no need to wash off gradual tanner so it’s very much like using a regular moisturiser. And you can continue to apply it as often as you like to deepen your tan and personalise your colour to your heart’s content!

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