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Trade secrets to fixing a botched eyebrow wax

2 Min Read Thursday 18th April 2019

We all make waxing mistakes — the most important thing is to know how to fix them.

Common mistakes that can occur during an eyebrow wax are removing too much hair, altering the natural shape of the arch and even burning the skin. Here’s how to fix an error you’ve made during an eyebrow treatment so that your client feels listened to, valued and cared for:

  1. Own the situation and be honest with your client about your mistake. But be armed with solutions you can immediately present them with so they aren’t left feeling unhappy and helpless about the situation.
  2. If redness has appeared (or your client has returned a day later complaining of a mild burn) re-check the temperature of your wax heater. Tell your client that certain medications, skin sensitivities and hormone fluctuations can affect the texture of their skin, making it susceptible to irritation that would not otherwise occur. Your expert knowledge has value and will give them some peace of mind; this is the time to use it as it will add weight and credence to your advice. Suggest an aftercare product that they can safely use on their brow area to speed up the healing process. (Apply Soothing Oil to their brows at their next waxing treatment to create a protective barrier on the skin.)
  3. If you’ve over-waxed by accident then fill in gaps and add texture with a Sculpting Brow Pencil and show your client how to do the same. The triangular-shaped tip helps create and adjust deÔ¨Ånition for a precise hair stroke or shaded Ô¨Ånish. Lend some depth to sparser areas with a few simple flicks or build structure over areas that you’ve accidentally removed. Remind your client that eyebrow hairs are quick to grow back and offer them a free treatment next time to show that you value their custom.
  4. Recommend a regrowth program so that clients feel like you’re invested in their brow beauty. Teach them to comb their brows into place to create the illusion of a thicker brow line before drawing in hairs with a pencil. Following up with¬†a fixing serum will condition and set their brows so that they stay in their best shape for the entire day.

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