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Top tips on blogging about your tanning salon

2 Min Read Monday 27th January 2020
  1. Brainstorm ‘clickable’ headlines and pick the best of the bunch. Your title should make it obvious what your blog is about but also create some intrigue to keep people interested in engaging with your content.
  2. Create evergreen content — write blogs about spray tanning that answer questions that every client asks and never lose their appeal. For example, ‘what to wear for a spray tan’, ‘how long will it take for my spray tan to develop’ or ‘how can I make my spray tan last longer’. Turn your blog into an expert portal of useful content that readers new and old can get something out of regardless of when you published it. Although current news about the goings on at your salon can make for interesting copy at the time of writing, it won’t always be current.
  3. Check your spelling and grammar. Bad spelling and syntax will make your business look unprofessional and reflect poorly on your services. Why not hire a blogger to do it for you? Outsourcing this work to an expert will give you the time to focus on something else that you excel at, such as customer service.
  4. Let your personality shine through each blog. Use humour, be lighthearted and amp up the charisma. No one wants to read a dry piece of writing that would put even the liveliest of toddlers to sleep.
  5. Promote your blog on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Email it to your clients. Send a text link to your contacts. Courier it to readers via a pigeon carrier if you have to! Use every advertising tool under your belt to get the word out because there’s no value in writing something that no one is going to read or access.

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