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Top tips for waxing eyebrows

2 Min Read Monday 17th December 2018

Precision is key when waxing eyebrows — you’re working on a small area so there’s zero room for error, unlike bigger treatments like leg waxing. Brush up on your technique and refresh your knowledge on eyebrow waxing with these handy tips:

  1. Always stand at the top of the couch to get a good view over your client’s face and eyebrows. This bird’s eye view will allow you to notice any discrepancies between the brows, giving you the best chance of evening them out during the treatment so they look as similar as possible.
  2. Have a mirror on hand when carrying out your consultation so you can chat to your client on what their expectations are. Perhaps they want to leave some stray hairs behind because they’re growing in their brows? Always check first!
  3. A small spatula makes a brilliant measuring tool for working out the best length of the brows. Lay one parallel against the nose so it touches the start of the eyebrow to figure out where the brow should begin. Then keep it at the same place at the base of the nose but angle the other end towards the outer edge of the eye to give you the right measurement for where the brow should end.
  4. To know where the arch should be, start at the same place at the base of the nose again and position the other end of the spatula in line with the iris.
  5. Apply Cleansing Gel to sanitise the eyebrow area before applying wax.
  6. Hold the spatula upright like a pen for optimum control and precision.
  7. Apply wax in the direction of hair growth and cover every hair you want to remove.
  8. When removing each strip of wax do it in two parts — remove half and apply pressure before taking off the remainder of the strip. This is more comfortable for your client than removing the entire strip at once. As always, ensure you keep the skin stretched tight upon removal to reduce pain and achieve a smoother finish.
  9. Apply Cleansing Gel again to sanitise and close pores. Follow up with Cooling Creme to calm and soothe skin post wax.
  10. Finally, remember the most important rule of all — eyebrows are sisters (they’ll look similar but never identical). Do your best and don’t beat yourself up if they’re not carbon copies.

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