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Top five tips for using a fake tanning mitt

2 Min Read Monday 15th August 2011

Getting glowing skin and a streak-free tan is easy with these top five tips for using a fake tanning mitt.

Find out how the professionals achieve an even, bronzed tan with the help of a self-tanning glove. 

Any self-tan or spray tan relies on careful application to get a professional looking result and a fake tanning mitt can help you to get an even finish. With these easy-to-follow tips, anyone can get a beautiful summer glow all year round thanks to this handy self-tanning accessory.

1. Make sure you clean your self-tanning mitt after use. A gentle soap and some warm water will help to clean away any tanning product; something as mild as baby soap is ideal. Allow the tanning mitt to air dry before use.

2. Use your self-tanning product sparingly with a sunless tanning mitt. As your mitt will help you to use your tanning product more economically by spreading the product thinner, you will find that you only need a small amount.

3. Although the aim of most sunless tanning mitts is to provide an alternative to using your hands alone, there may still be some product soaking through. This will depend on the type of tanning glove you choose, but it is always worth checking your hands and rinsing them well before you go about applying self-tan to the backs of the hands.

4. Never use a tanning mitt to rub self-tan vigorously into the skin. Rubbing will only result in a streaky tan, so use soft circles instead.

5. Although your fake tanning mitt will be able to be reused again and again, it is worth replacing it every 6 months depending on how often you use it in order to get the best results.

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