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Tips for spray tanning older clients

2 Min Read Friday 28th June 2019

Brilliant for lifting the complexion, rejuvenating sallow-looking skin and hiding dark circles and uneven patches, a spray tan is a fab beauty treatment for older people with mature skin. Here’s how to spray tan clients who have mobility problems, loose skin or general difficulties manouevering around the tanning booth because of their age:

  1. Go slower to accommodate clients with joint issues and book in more time to ensure they don’t feel rushed.
  2. Keep a chair close by in case your client needs to sit down for a moment. It can double up as a stability aid too for those who are wobbly on their feet and need something to hold onto while you tan their legs or back.
  3. Mature skin is thinner than younger skin and can also be marred with liver spots, broken capillaries, dry, scaly patches and varicose veins. Moisturise any particularly dry areas before you begin to encourage an even glow. Ask your client if they’d like to go darker on their body to better hide these common blemishes.
  4. Go for a lighter approach when it comes to spray tanning the face. Tanning solution won’t hit the folds of skin that wrinkles, crow’s feet, and laughter lines create so a subtle colour change is best to avoid the harsh juxtaposition of a very dark face against very pale wrinkles.
  5. Be confident with asking clients to lift their body to access the area under the bust and bottom where loose skin may make it tricky to spray those locations with solution.
  6. Finally give them plenty of time to dry off and put their clothes back on once you’re done.

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