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Tips for mobile waxing therapists

2 Min Read Friday 27th October 2017

Flexibility and full control of your schedule are just a couple of the boons of being a mobile beautician. You also get the chance to work around another job, make room for family commitments and take holidays whenever it suits you. Plus, no two days are ever the same!

If you’ve just started a mobile waxing business, here are our tips to help your fledgling enterprise soar:


Promote and publicise

Start a free Facebook, Twitter and Instagram page for your business so clients can easily find you and read about your services. Better yet, create a simple website that details your services, prices and contact details. Try to include keywords and locations in your web copy so that people can easily find, for example, ‘mobile Brazilian waxing in Manchester’. Drop flyers through letterboxes, give your friends free treatments so they can recommend you to others through word of mouth and partner up with local businesses, like gyms and leisure centres.

Keep a kit checklist

Double check you have all your equipment and products before you leave for each appointment because you won’t have the support of a fully-stocked salon at your disposal. Essentials like couch roll, spatulas, a wax heater, pre-wax and post-wax products should be in your bag as standard. Our Airlite Couch makes a fantastic lightweight couch that’s easily folded up and fits in a car boot for use when required.

Be punctual

Always be on time and factor in travel! In fact, aim to get there early, especially if you’re travelling to a new client, and wait in your car until the appointment time.

Create a relaxed environment

Some mobile therapists like to take along a tranquil soundtrack or candles to create a relaxed mood. Set up your treatment area quickly and remain professional — just because you’re not in a traditional salon doesn’t mean you’re not at work!

Why stop at waxing?

Massage, aromatherapy, facials and eyebrow tinting are all superb examples of treatments that you can tag on to waxing without the need for large pieces of extra equipment. Expand your treatment list and double your earnings with these additional therapies that you can deliver with little extra outlay.

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