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The secret to achieving the perfect wax

2 Min Read Friday 9th June 2017


What’s the secret to achieving speedier waxing treatments that leave the skin feeling softer, smoother and 100% hair-free? Using high quality waxes made with premium ingredients!

As waxing experts you’ll already know that simple techniques¬†like (1) always following the direction of hair growth, (2) applying a thin layer of wax¬†over the treatment area, (3) pulling the skin taut and (4) being as fast as possible results in a better wax with longer-lasting results. But¬†how does a high quality wax help with all this?

Sienna X hot and warm waxes are formulated with natural extracts that lower skin sensitivity, reduce inflammation and soothe irritated skin. They can also be used at lower temperatures than other waxes, which makes for a more comfortable experience for your client. You can work much quicker on a client who feels at ease during a treatment and they can assist in pulling their skin taut too. Remember, a speedier removal of wax strips reduces discomfort and if you can carry out a treatment efficiently and quickly you’re client is more likely to return.

The special ingredients in our waxes also make for a more flexible product¬†that stays pliable on the skin and doesn’t snap and harden upon contact. This special high-viscosity texture means you can apply it very thinly over the skin, resulting in a more effective wax, particularly over sensitive areas like the bikini line where greater¬†hair growth occurs and along the eyebrows where targeted shaping is required.

Investing in premium waxing products will take your profile to new heights. Why not incorporate the secret of Sienna X waxes in your salon treatments today?

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