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The perfect beauty treatments to pair with tanning

2 Min Read Friday 3rd November 2017

Beauty packages help clients make a saving, double as the perfect pampering prep for a special event and moonlight as memorable gifts. And for salon owners they introduce clients to a treatment they might not otherwise have tried, attract more custom and generate greater profits.

But which beauty therapies pair up well with spray tanning and are easy to promote? And is it ok to spread the treatments out or do they have to be completed on the same day?


2 days before…


A full body wax removes hair from the root so re-growth is slower and appears finer. It’s a superb pre-tanning treatment because it does away with daily shaving and other forms of hair removal that can strip the skin of its golden glow much sooner and shorten the lifespan of a professional tan. The key thing is to book the waxing treatment in for a couple of days before a spray tan to give the pores time to close up and the skin to recover. And don’t worry about having to space both treatments out; clients will love to pop back for another dose of pampering and double up on their beauty quota for the week.


The day before…

Body polishing and massage

Exfoliating 24 hours before a spray tan removes the dead skin cells and creates a smoother and fresher base for tanner to cling on to. It also encourages a tan to last longer and delays the fade-off process. Offer your client a full body polish, set for a day before their tan, to prep the skin for the seamless application of tanner the next day.


On the day…

Manicures and nail treatments

Book clients in for a double session that includes a manicure/pedicure followed by a spray tan. Nail polish acts as a barrier to tanning solution and protects the nail bed from becoming stained by colour. As long as the nails are fully dry, you’re good to get going with that spray gun no matter whether your client has opted for an acrylic, gel or silk set of falsies.


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