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The Manual Tan

3 Min Read Wednesday 29th April 2015

I don’t know about you, but when I want to feel glamorous and pampered, I usually just end up putting a shop-bought facemask on, sitting in my dressing gown with a cup of tea watching a chick flick on the sofa. I rarely get my nails done, I never get my hair or make-up done by anyone else and have only ever had occasional spray tans for weddings and for prom. So, when I do finally get the time to treat myself properly, I like to make it as long-lasting and luxurious as possible.

In my opinion, this is why I would choose a manual tan over a spray tan any day. Although I love the effects of spray tans, I would argue that the manual tan not only produces a nicer effect on your skin but leaves you feeling a lot more relaxed and indulged as you receive a soothing massage whilst the silky balm and golden tan are applied to your skin by caring professionals. For me, there is nothing worse than stripping down to your undies, standing shivering in front of a stranger and being sprayed with a freezing cold solution!

Furthermore, it is so frustrating when you return home after a spray tan, only to find that you have a crease or streak marks in your tan, meaning that you either have to pay more to get it fixed or apply extra tan yourself, which completely overlooks the point of opting to have someone else apply it for you. These errors are much less likely to occur with a deluxe manual tan as it takes longer, giving the professional applying your tan time to concentrate on making sure you get the best coverage and colour out of your tan whilst making your overall experience feel a lot more personal and ensuring your skin feels as smooth and cared for as possible.

One of the best things about converting from a spray tan to a manual tan is that the only thing that has changed is the application of your tan so you don’t have to update any of your aftercare or topping up products to make sure you get the most out of your tan.

If you are going for the professional look, why settle for second best? It seems obvious to me that when you walk into a salon and are browsing the options and you ask yourself: ‚ÄòShould I spend that extra couple of pounds on something for myself?’ the answer when it comes to a manual tan is a resounding YES. You simply cannot put a price on claiming the pampering that you deserve.

Written by guest blogger Kira Tomlinson.

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