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The lowdown on waxing aftercare

2 Min Read Tuesday 18th October 2016

Gear up your clients with these useful post-waxing tips so they can care for their skin between treatments:

***Apply Soothing Oil or¬†Cooling Creme to your client’s skin immediately after waxing to instantly calm discomfort, redness and skin sensitivity. Scented with uplifting peppermint, both of these post-waxing essentials can be used over the legs, underarms and¬†bikini line to soften and soothe.***

  1. Avoid the swimming pool, sauna and steam room for at least a day after waxing to prevent bacteria getting into your open pores. You should also steer clear of sunbeds and spray tans for the first 24 hours. If you’ve had a face wax treat yourself to a¬†no make-up day to allow your skin to breathe.
  2. Your therapist will already have applied a cream, gel or oil to your skin on the day of your treatment to protect your skin from infection. Keep your skin clean to maintain the effectiveness of these products.
  3. If you’ve had a Brazilian, Hollywood or basic bikini line wax try to wear loose underwear after your treatment to reduce friction and prevent soreness, bumps and redness.
  4. A few days after your wax, and once your pores have closed up, start to use a gentle exfoliator in the shower to help prevent ingrown hairs. The fine pumice in Polishing Body Scrub will gently buff the skin and remove dead skin cells, ensuring that new hair follicles can break to the surface when the cycle of growth re-starts.
  5. Finally, don’t shave or use depilatory products in between your waxing treatments! Opt for regular waxes every 3-4 weeks instead to soften the appearance of coarse hairs and reduce hair growth.

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