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The best vegan-friendly eye cream for brightening up dark circles

2 Min Read Thursday 23rd January 2020

It’s here — a vegan-friendly eye cream that’s perfect for smoothing wrinkles, reducing under-eye puffiness and counteracting dark circles.

Freshly developed by the beauty boffins at Sienna X, The Eye Cream lifts and brightens the eye area, helping you to look more alert, rested and youthful with each application. It’s a salve for mature, dry skin that needs a touch of TLC as well as a quick restorative treatment for those of us who never manage to get enough sleep and need a little pick-me-up to combat those unsightly eye bags in the morning.

Formulated with extracts of marine bamboo, this magic rejuvenating blend combines an SPF15 and fights against the negative effects of ageing and sun damage too. The Minilkara Multinervis Leaf Extract improves skin’s firmness and elasticity and the ginseng encourages healthy skin by supplying nutrients to aged and damaged cells.

Our vegan under-eye cream does all the jobs a regular eye cream does from lifting, smoothing and plumping the skin to brightening and balancing uneven pigmentation. It’s a brilliant choice for ethical consumers who want their vegan philosophy to be mirrored in their cosmetics and skincare choices.

To use, apply under and over the eye area in a figure of eight movement at least 20 minutes before sun exposure. Here’s a video tutorial for more.

Quick tip: why not pop it in the fridge and apply it chilled to the skin in the morning for a luxurious, cooling treat for the eyes?

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