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The Best Tans for... Blondes

3 Min Read Friday 20th February 2015

They say that blondes have more fun, and we believe that blondes with killer tans have the most. Want to achieve this blonde bombshell look yourself? Knowing which tan is best for blonde hair is the first step…

Blondes sometimes risk looking washed out, particularly if you naturally have cool tones in your skin. A tan warms the complexion, makes the eye colour pop and makes blonde hair look more healthy and vibrant. However, as a general rule, not all blondes can pull off a colour as deep some brunettes as too dark of a tan can look unnatural. The best fake tan for blondes is one that complements, rather than contrasts with, the hair.

All sounds simple, doesn’t it? Well, it’s not quite that easy. Even amongst blondes, it’s not a case of ‘one shade suits all’. Factors such as your skin tone, natural tanning ability and the shade of blonde hair all affects what sort of tan you suit.

Blonde Skin Type 1
Are you naturally blonde or ginger, with fair, freckled skin and very sensitive to the sun? Then you’re more likely to suit a light tan. If you’re booked in for a spray tan, your therapist is likely to use our lightest solution, the Touche de Soleil. Doing it yourself? Then we recommend using our Gradual Glowing Self Tan for a subtle glow.

A light tan will also look amazing on you if you have very light or platinum blonde hair.

Blonde Skin Type 2
You belong to this blonde tribe if you have green or blue eyes, fair skin, and if it takes you a good week in the sun to achieve even a light tan. You can carry of a slightly darker spray tan than very pale blondes, and will also love our Express Tanning Mist, which can be used to keep your golden tan topped up.

Blonde Skin Type 3
If you have a medium to olive skin tone and tend to tan in the sun after 4/5 days, then you’re one of the blondes who suits a darker tan. Our Dark Glowing Self Tan will complement those with warm skin tones and mid-dark blonde hair especially.

Want to book in for a professional spray tan to accentuate your golden locks? Then take a look at our Therapist Finder to find your nearest Sienna X certified spray tanner.

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