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The best tanner for freckled skin

2 Min Read Wednesday 6th August 2014

Does fake tan cover up freckles?

Sunless tanners for lighter skins.

Described as kisses from the sun, freckles are a common sight on pale complexions but can also be found on caramel-toned skin too.

Freckles will often darken and multiply in the summer, when the skin is exposed to more sunlight, and begin to fade in the winter.¬†Some people adore their freckles where as others would like to be able to tone them down a little, especially during the warmer weather when they are more visible. Help is at hand! Fake tans can balance out the skin’s natural colouring without completely camouflaging existing freckles.

Sienna X Gradual Self Tan is great for adding a gentle touch of colour to the skin that enhances the unique beauty of each and every freckle. The moisturising formula can be used every day just like a body lotion and the gorgeously glowing results will develop on the skin over the course of a few hours. The tanner doesn’t need to be washed off, making it an excellent time-saver.

As this gradual tanner is so gentle on the skin it’s perfect for redheads that tend to have a very pale complexion. It’s also a useful product for porcelain beauties who want to tan for the summer but burn easily in the sun.

If you have pale skin and want to look ever-so-slightly tanned rather than full-on-bronzed then a light layer of gradual tanner will help you achieve the perfect look this summer. The lightweight formula has a low level of DHA (the clever ingredient that causes the skin to tan), making it an excellent option for when you want to look sun-kissed and avoid sunburn. Go ahead and order a bottle today!


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