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The best subtle spray tan

2 Min Read Wednesday 8th January 2014

Light spray tans for fair skin tones.

A gentle colour change makes a subtle impact.

A delicate, sun-kissed hue looks beautiful at this time of year, adding radiance and vibrancy to dull winter skin that has been marred by the frosty weather. Choose a Touche De soleil spray tan and bring your skin to life with some glorious, incandescent colour today.

The Touche De Soleil tan produces a gentle colour finish on the skin that looks natural, elegant and sophisticated. Offered throughout Sienna X accredited salons, this long-lasting solution contains a low level of DHA (the clever substance that causes the skin to darken), which means the end result looks subtle and even. It’s ideal for people with a lighter complexion because the colour change is slight but noticeable.

A light spray tan balances out an uneven skin tone too, helping to cover stretch marks and scars. However, natural features, such as freckles will still be visible with a delicate sunless tan. This is ideal if you want to enhance, rather than mask, your existing look.

Your Touche De Soleil fake tan will last up to a week (or even beyond if cared for properly) in the same way as darker spray tans. Remember to moisturise daily following your treatment to boost the life of your tan and avoid harsh shower gels that can strip your skin of your gorgeous glow.

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