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The best pre-wax oil

2 Min Read Friday 24th November 2017

If you’re waxing a client who suffers from dry skin, a moisturising pre-wax oil is your best friend. It’ll make your job a millions times easier and lead to a smoother, softer and hair-free finish for your customer.

But doesn’t oil reduce the effectiveness of wax?

We understand where you’re coming from.

While it’s true that moisture, like perspiration, can prevent wax from ‘grabbing’ individual hairs and doing its job, oil applied to dry skin works a little differently. Parched skin is prepped to soak up anything moisturising — apply wax straight onto the surface and it’ll adhere to the skin more than the hair, which is the opposite of what you want.

Our Soothing Oil is a lightweight blend of essential oils that creates a very fine barrier between skin and wax, allowing the wax to shrink-wrap around hair and not skin. This leads to a more effective wax, reduces the risk of snapping the hairs and protects the skin’s surface. Just be sure to use a small amount because a little will go a long way.

Designed for use both pre and post waxing, this dual purpose oil is perfect for applying liberally over all areas of the body after waxing to immediately soothe, soften, reduce redness and discomfort. Plus, it’s uplifting peppermint fragrance will ensure that your client leaves the treatment room feeling calm, centred and pampered.

So if you’re looking for the best pre-wax oil for your salon waxing treatments look no further. Order your bottle of Soothing Oil here.

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