The best eyebrow pencil for blondes

2 Min Read Tuesday 31st December 2019

Not every blonde has eyebrows that perfectly match the colour of the hair on their head. In fact, it’s common for women with pale, sandy-coloured, bleach-blonde or golden hair to have darker eyebrows.

If you’re strawberry blonde and looking for the best eyebrow pencil to fill in gaps, lend your brows structure and create definition, a neutral colour, such as taupe or a warm brunette, is ideal. A pencil that sits in the centre of the colour spectrum will give your eyebrows a fuller and warmer feel without overpowering them. It will also frame your eyes and showcase their colour.

The brilliant benefit of a Sienna X Sculpting Brow Pencil (available in black and dark brunette as well as warm brunette) is that it features a triangular-shaped tip that’s perfect for drawing on fine individual hairs. This precision control means you can be exacting with the placement of each stroke and create a natural-looking brow in seconds.

Want to match your darker brows to your paler hair? An eyebrow tint is the ideal solution. Go a shade or two lighter than your natural colour to gently soften them before using a paler eyebrow pencil to fill in gaps. Be aware that going lighter tends to make brows fade into the background and can make them appear sparser and finer than darkening them with a richer hue. Having said that, pairing platinum blonde hair with bleached blonde brows can look ultra-modern and set you apart from the crowd (as long as you’re ready for such a drastic change!). Plus, you can always play with eye shadows, setting gels, liners and mascara to draw attention to your eyes in other ways.

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