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The best digital wax heaters

2 Min Read Friday 14th April 2017

Digital wax heaters display the exact temperature of the wax inside a heated chamber, unlike analogue versions that have a numbered settings dial.  This allows you to you input a specific temperature and monitor the reading throughout a waxing treatment, giving you more control.

We stock two digital wax heaters that are ideal for busy salons and mobile waxing therapists:

Digital Single Wax Heater

Featuring a fast head mode, this compact wax heater has a container size of 1000cc. Ideal for either warm or hot waxes, the modern, streamlined design adds a professional, neat and slick look to any salon space. Simply decant your wax of choice into the inner bucket provided and use the up and down arrows to select your desired temperature. A scraper bar is included, allowing you to get the perfect amount of wax per application.

Digital Double Wax Heater

This wax heater includes two chambers: a 500cc for warm wax and a 1000cc for hot wax. Transporting and heating two types of wax at once saves you time and space. Plus, there’s no need to decant warm wax into the smaller chamber because you can simply pop the pot straight inside. Featuring the same modern look and fast head mode as the single heater, this bigger version gives you more versatility between waxing treatments.

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