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How to spray tan a sweaty client

4 Min Read Friday 7th August 2020

The UK Summer rolls around every year with much excitement, however, unfortunately, we’re just not prepared for this gorgeous spate of Mediterranean weather, are we? 

We long for it all year round but when it finally arrives, instead of looking cool and carefree like the Parisians, we’re sweating buckets and complaining about the heat, and so are our poor, dear clients.

The problem is that sweat is the enemy of spray tanning. Perspiration, or indeed moisture of any kind, prevents tanning solution from drying properly and it can make it sort of ‚Äòsweat off’ in patches, causing the final tan to look blotchy or in some cases even turn green! (not ideal‚Ķ)

Here are our top tips on what to do about it:

1. Advise clients to avoid taking a hot shower right before their treatment. 

Water can change the pH level of the skin and if the body temperature is much higher after a hot shower. This can negatively affect the development of a tan since your client is already much warmer than usual.

2. Cooldown your treatment room before the session begins. 

This may mean opening up the windows, turning on the air conditioning or popping on an oscillating fan. The fan will encourage perspiration to evaporate and help hot clients to cool down in advance of their treatment. 

A cool room will also make the solution dry faster once applied, as well as generally be a much nicer experience during the warmer weather.

3. Prepping the skin is vital before picking up the spray gun. 

Prepare and prime the skin ahead of picking up your gun by removing any oils, perfumes or excess perspiration. 

Remember, the cleaner and drier the skin, the smoother the application process will be, and in turn the better the result for your client!

4. Don’t forget to cool your solution down too! 

This tip may be one that you know well, however as a general best practice, be sure to store any solution, including your self-tan retail range, in a dark place away from direct sunlight. 

This way, it prevents the DHA from reacting with the sunlight to keep it fresh for each application, as well as creating a refreshing feel for your client as it’s applied it feels fresh and revitalising as it hits their skin.

5. Loose dark clothing is the best thing to wear after a tan because it allows air to circulate around the body.

It might sound counter-intuitive, but a flowy maxi dress that covers everything up will keep a client cooler than a pair of tight shorts and a t-shirt!

Alongside this, since the clothing is loose your clients’ tan should develop with very little smudges, patches or blotchiness.

6. Tell clients to avoid the sunshine and perspiring until it’s time to wash off the solution. 

We completely understand that the sun doesn’t visit us here in the UK very often, so we have to make the very most of every minute.

However, if your client is looking to avoid issues with their tan, recommend that they stay indoors, in shaded areas and in cool environments. 

This way, the risk of perspiration will be heavily reduced and result in an even finish. Although, telltale signs of perspiration after a treatment can include patchiness or sometimes even a green tint around the armpits, the neck and even under the breasts

7. Consider offering spray tans in the late afternoon or evening when possible to avoid this prep work altogether. 

Now let’s be honest, we’re all more than a little relieved when the heat breaks towards the late afternoons and evenings, and during the warmer weather – these are ideal times to perform your spray tan treatments.

Cooler evenings work much better than midday treatments simply because your clients won’t sweat as much afterwards, which is perfect for those looking to be a bronzed god or goddess for a special occasion.

Consider moving your schedule around, fill up the mornings and early afternoons with other treatments and book spray tans later in the day, or even provide the option for later evening slots during certain times of the year. 

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