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Tanning to match your natural skin tone

2 Min Read Friday 18th February 2011

Tips to help you achieve the perfect fake tan for your skin tone.

Getting a natural glow depends on choosing the correct shade of tanning formula for your personal colourings.

We’ve all seen the results of a fake tanning disaster, which tends to fall somewhere between a tangerine and a zebra, so it is understandable when people feel daunted by the prospect of giving bottled glow a go!

The expert spray tanning therapists at Sienna X know that the secret to a natural looking colour is to go only a shade or so darker if the desired effect is to be subtle. Don’t be too overambitious with your colour when tanning and aim for the same glow that you would achieve on a two-week holiday in the sun.

Pale skin tones, particularly freckled skin, require a light touch and just a hint of colour to get a golden sun-kissed look. Those with darker skin tones can afford to be a bit braver with their colour, but it is still only advisable to go one or two shades darker at most. If you wish to add a second layer of colour, always leave two hours between applications to avoid streaking or caking.

For a tan that takes you from day to night, shimmering bronzing lotions are a fantastic way of building on your tan and layering your colour to get a deeper tone for the evening. You then have the option to rinse off any additional make up and avoid looking overdone in natural light the next day.

So don’t be afraid, the perfect tan is more than attainable! Ultimately, the key is to match your tanning formula to your personal skin tone and to be realistic with the outcome if you want to achieve a natural result.

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