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Tanning for men: the inside scoop

2 Min Read Friday 30th May 2014

Why should men get a spray tan?

Define your muscle tone and cover up marks.

Come a little closer gentlemen. We’ve written this blog especially for you.

We know you’re busy so here are our super-quick top reasons why you should try a spray tan this summer:

1. A golden tan will enhance your complexion, working with the natural tones of your skin to create a subtle but noticeable colour change. A light tan, such as the Sienna X Touche De Soleil will look completely natural so no one will ever know you’ve had a helping hand.

2. Got stretch marks from working out at the gym? Sunless tan will balance out your skin tone and camouflage marks and scars to create a flawless finish, giving you a body confidence boost.

3. Fake tan is superb for drawing attention to your muscles! A tan will highlight your biceps, triceps and abdominal muscles, making them look larger as well as toned; great news if you haven’t had the time to work out before your summer holiday on the beach.

4. Your tan will fade-off gradually over the course of a week, just like a suntan does, making it the perfect treatment for tanning novices that want a short-term colour change. There are no long-lasting effects to tanning and you have complete control over the depth of colour.

5. Moisturising spray tans are ideal for giving your skin some TLC. Daily shaving can dry out your face, leaving it feeling tight and uncomfortable. A moisture-enriched tan will feed your skin with key nutrients like Aloe Vera that are known to hydrate and soothe and soften.

Get your spray tan booked today to feel ‘beach ready’ for tomorrow!



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