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Tanning for festival season

2 Min Read Tuesday 13th June 2017

Got the wet wipes, wellies, sunglasses and flower crown ready? All you need now is a sun-kissed tan and you’ll be all set for this summer’s top music events from Glastonbury and Creamfields to Latitude, Reading and Lovebox.

If you’re a regular festival-goer you’ll already know about the long queues for¬†the shower facilities at the UK’s top outdoor music events (which is where the wet wipes come in handy!). A fake tan will give your skin a fresh and radiant glow so you’ll always look your best even if you haven’t been able to stick to your regular beauty routine during the festivities.

A natural-looking caramel tan covers up marks and blemishes too, essentially giving the skin a beautifully airbrushed appearance that perfectly complements everything from boho sundresses and cropped tops to frayed shorts and peasant skirts (even cagoules and umbrellas if the British weather decides not to play ball).

Cutting your make-up routine in half will give you more time to enjoy the atmosphere

Because a golden tan evens out your complexion and highlights the natural curves of your face you can ditch the foundation and concealer too. Cutting your make-up routine in half will give you more time to enjoy the atmosphere, laugh with your mates and see all your favourite bands perform. Even if the heavens open, your radiant skin will outshine the centre stage and guarantee that all eyes are on you.

Feel body confident

Feel body confident revealing your golden pins, sun-kissed arms and caramel midriff this festival season! Book your festival spray tan today and become the star of the show!

**Remember your skin will still be able to tan naturally over your fake tan! Always wear sunscreen to protect your skin from sun damage.**

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