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Tanning for darker skin tones

2 Min Read Friday 10th July 2015

A great tan is about more than simply taking your skin a shade or two darker, you just can’t beat¬†that lovely even glow, which hangs around long after you’ve stepped off the plane. Self-tan is ideal for recreating this enhanced appearance, which is what makes it ideal for any skin tone.

Whilst spray tanning is more commonly associated with white skin, it’s becoming more and more¬†popular amongst those with darker skin tones, helping to create a flawless base that exudes health.

As well as being ideal for hiding the odd blemish, fake tan can help to disguise stretch marks and scars which can be more obvious on darker skin. It’s also often used by those who suffer from skin pigmentation conditions such as vitiligo, giving you that extra confidence in your own skin, whether this is something you’re more concerned with as the summer months roll around, or you’re searching for an all-year-round solution.

Using a product like Siena X Gradual Self Tan Lotion is great for those who want to improve the finish of their skin tone, without going too much darker. It also adds extra moisture to your skin, has a gorgeous coconut fragrance and includes a specially designed anti-cellulite formula- everything you could ever need for your holiday and beyond!

One of the great things about having a tan is not feeling like you need to wear as much make up. It’s an excuse to ditch your foundation, and on hot summer days, we’re sure no one needs too much of an excuse to do that.  

But believe it or not, it’s not just for the ladies. Self tanning is also becoming much more common amongst men with darker skin tones too, for the same qualities. Not only does it even your tone and provide a great finish, but it adds a gentle touch of colour and helps to add muscle definition too. Hollyoaks star, Ricky Whittle, is a big¬†fan after he used Sienna X products during the Strictly Come Dancing tour.¬†

Whether you’re searching for an extra glow, or simply evening out your base, why not give self tanning a try?

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