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Super busy? Tick waxing off your seasonal to-do list

2 Min Read Tuesday 19th December 2017

Work commitments, gift shopping, party invites, groceries and parenting can make squeezing in some ‘me-time’ feel like an impossible dream at this time of year.

Why not switch daily shaving with monthly waxing to simplify your beauty routine and claw back some time for yourself?

Unlike other forms of hair removal, such as shaving and epilating, waxing removes each strand of hair from the root. This means it takes much longer for each hair to grow back because the body has to create an entirely new follicle from scratch. The upshot is that you’ll be hair-free for up to three to four weeks, depending on your hair’s unique life cycle, and will save oodles of time on daily shaving. You’ll also be prepped to flaunt your silky smooth skin at all times, which is exactly what you need when last-minute parties and impromptu get-togethers are bound to to be on the festive agenda.

When your hair does reappear it will feel finer and softer to the touch because¬†each brand new hair grows with a tapered, rather than blunt, tip. There’ll be no itchy and stubbly bits to contend with and, if you keep up with regular treatments, regrowth should slow down over the years.

Book in for a treatment this week to be hair-free for Christmas and the New Year (there are heaps of seasonal specials to make the most of too so you’re bound to make a winter saving to boot!).

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