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Start your skin makeover

2 Min Read Friday 4th April 2014

Enliven your skin with a golden tan.

Refresh your look for the warmer weather.

Dear slouchy sweater, snuggly scarf and comfy coat, it was nice while it lasted but we’re afraid it’s just not working anymore.

Spring is here and you’re to be relegated to the back of the wardrobe so we can make room for our floral dresses, pastel skirts and gladiator sandals. And although you served us well, protecting our skin from the perils of winter, you’re time is up. We’re setting our skin free and treating it to a delicate spray tan to welcome in our favourite season and create the perfect golden backdrop for our Spring style.

Why start our image overhaul with our skin? Unlike a t-shirt or pair of jeans, you can’t take off your complexion when it suits you; you’re stuck with it come rain or shine. That’s why you need to pay a little bit of extra attention to it and care for it with moisturising products and balms.

Fake tanning is the quickest way to enliven your skin with the same vibrancy and freshness that we are now starting to see in the weather but with none of the leg work.  You get an instant uplift with little prep – simply exfoliate your skin a day before your tanning treatment to ensure your spray tan glides on smoothly. Then wait for the colour to develop, wash off in the shower and flaunt your sun-kissed hue for the rest of the week.

Create a balanced base with a self tanner and you won’t need to use foundation to even out a poor complexion. Existing spots and scars will be covered up, allowing you to use less concealer. And because your skin will already be bronzed with a warm colour, you can say bye bye to your bronzer too.


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