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Spray tanning in the colder season

2 Min Read Monday 24th October 2011

Beat the winter blues with an invigorating spray tan.

Forget the rain and windy weather by opting for a tanning treatment designed to boost your mood.

The cold weather is setting in, which means it’s time to haul your winter wardrobe out from under the bed and embrace darker evenings, comfort food, thermal socks and leather boots. However, glamour should never be forgotten during the cooler season and the health of our skin should be maintained at all costs; book yourself in for a nourishing fake tan to make sure that your summer sparkle doesn’t fade away even when the sun sets early and the sky is grey.

Walking into the office on a cold Monday morning can be upsetting if you let the weather get you down. Go for a weekend spray tan and you’ll feel uplifted and ready for the week ahead. Formulated to moisturise the skin and feed your body with luscious nutrients, a spray tan can be a once-in-a-while treat or a regular addition to your beauty regime. Although the pale and interesting look is favoured by many, a little extra colour can add a natural dash of brightness to your skin, which works well with winter clothing and fabrics like velvets, wools and corduroy.

If you’re already a fan of fake tanning and want to continue throughout the autumn and winter season it may be wise to tone down your colour choice and go for something a shade lighter than your regular selection. That way you’ll still look preened without appearing over done.

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