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Spray tan party packages

2 Min Read Monday 26th September 2016

Spray tanning parties are super¬†ways to boost your profile and maximise your income — instead of travelling to a single client you can secure a number of tanning treatments at one site,¬†saving you on travel expenses and time. Plus it’s heaps of fun!

Here’s what else you should think about before putting¬†tanning parties on your treatment list:

  1. Consider¬†the maximum number of clients you’ll be able to tan with the equipment and solutions you can carry along. Try to carry a bit more than you think you’ll need to cover any unexpected treatments.
  2. Be aware of how much time you’ll have — tanning parties are unlike salon appointments where each session starts and ends at a specific time so allow some extra wiggle room so you can be flexible and accommodating. There’s nothing worse than rushing through a treatment and feeling the pressure because you’re short on time.
  3. Will the organiser of the tanning party get a free treatment? Can you offer everyone a small discount? Think about the steps you can take to make a tanning party mutually successful for you and your clientele.
  4. Have plenty of extras available, like disposable underwear, sticky feet and barrier wipes, so you don’t run out.
  5. Word of mouth is the best way to drum up new business and an endorsement from a friend will boost your profile. Keep a stack of business cards available so you can hand them out freely, chat to everyone, be kind and deliver the best treatments to guarantee plenty of recommendations.
  6. Have fun! Parties are the perfect place to have some fun and experience something new outside of the four walls of your salon.¬†Retaining¬†a professional attitude¬†is essential but that shouldn’t stop you from joining in with the party conversation and having a good time. Your good mood will rub off on everyone else and create a welcoming atmosphere.


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