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Nina Warden: Why a Spray Tan Isn't Just For Girls

2 Min Read Tuesday 15th August 2017

Male grooming is becoming big business, gone are the days when a beauty regime was just for us girls. With more men wanting to take care of themselves, many are turning to us as professional therapists for that all important glow.

We all know the benefits of a spray tan; it makes us feel more confident, we look slimmer and more toned and we genuinely just feel happier. It appears now that men want a piece of the action too, and why not? We all deserve to look and feel at our best.

Over the past four years, the number of male clients I see has increased year on year, so with that in mind, here are my top tips for spray tanning male clients…

  1. Always provide good preparation and aftercare information. You want them to get the best from their tan.

  2. Unlike female clients, men have a lot more body hair, so you’ll need to ensure the product is penetrating to the skin and not just sitting on the surface of the hair

  3. I always ask male clients to wear tight fitting boxer shorts in order to keep lines neat and avoid Marilyn Monroe moments ;-) 

  4. If your client is bald, don’t forget to spray the top of his head. I would advise doing this in the same way you spray the hands and feet.

  5. Male clients can often be taller so therefore, if you need them to lean forward in order to spray their shoulders, don’t be afraid to ask them

A great way to market to male clients is through the female clients you have now, maybe offer a couples spray tan rate? Sienna X offer amazing marketing materials to help you spread your message.

If the ‚Äúman tan‚Äù isn’t something you are currently offering, then why not grab a couple of male friends or family members to practice on. I guarantee it will help build your confidence. It’s like anything, the more you practice, the better you’ll be at it!



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