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Space saving solutions for small waxing treatment rooms

2 Min Read Tuesday 16th July 2019

A smaller treatment space doesn’t have to hold you back from creating the salon of your dreams. If you’re short on floor space, storage areas and closets, here are a few simple tricks to help you maximise your existing footprint.

Invest in a beauty trolley with shelving – you can put your wax heater, spatula, strips and tweezers on the top shelf and still have space underneath for items like pre-wax cleansing gel, post-wax balm, spare wax cartridges, towels, wipes and gloves.

Add hooks to doors – this dead area is perfect for creating a space for clients to hang their garments on, which is great when you’re short on cabinetry and floor space.

Roll up towels instead of folding them – it’s a tiny trick but it’s a good one! Rolling your towels tightly means you’ll be able to fit more of them into a tighter area.

Create inbuilt shelving in alcoves – if you’re lucky enough to have an alcove, run some shelves along it or even add some doors to build a bespoke cupboard for extra stock.

Put boxes under your beauty couch – if you’re really strapped for space start using the space under your couch as a storage area.

Select tall, narrow storage units that reach the ceiling – why waste the space on the wall by installing low-level cabinets? Tall units that reach up to the ceiling will give you heaps more space. Simply store a foldable step inside so you can reach the highest shelf.

Use a portable beauty couch – a foldable beauty couch can be stowed away if you’re treatment room has to double up as a space for manicures and spray tans.

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