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Slimming spray tans

2 Min Read Friday 14th December 2012

Create a svelte silhouette and look amazing in your little black dress.

Give yourself a glamorous makeover in moments.

Working hard to shed those extra pounds before party season kicks off? Then you’ll know how tough it can feel to fit some exercise into your schedule when all you want to do is head home after a hard day at the office and eat some comfort food. Well help is at hand! An expertly applied spray tan can create the illusion of a slimmer silhouette in just 15 minutes – it’s quick, convenient and the effects last for up to a week.

A simple trick to looking slender is to use light and shade to your advantage. A tanning therapist will be able to apply a darker shade of tanning solution to the sides of your torso, arms and legs to make it appear as if you’ve lost inches in just minutes. A golden tan will also hide any visible blemishes, such as spots and stretch marks, so that you can feel confident that your skin looks at its ultimate best.

Although getting a fake tan won’t have an effect on the scales it will help your skin to feel nourished and moisturised. And the super-smooth finish will reflect the light, helping to highlight your cheekbones and décolletage.

A spray tan is the gorgeous finishing touch that will give you a golden glow and an incandescent radiance when time is short and you’ve had enough of the treadmill. Go ahead and book an appointment today!

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