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Skincare consultations for acne sufferers

2 Min Read Thursday 5th December 2019

Acne can be caused by hormonal imbalances, blocked hair follicles, bacteria and excess oil production. It can have huge repercussions on the confidence of sufferers who often feel there is little they can do to alleviate their symptoms, such as rapid breakouts, redenned spots, scars, soreness and inflammation.

During a skincare consultation with a client with acne you must be as thorough as possible with your questions. This is the time to pick up on any contraindications that would stop you from offering a facial treatment altogether, such as cold sores, cuts and conjunctivitis, or perhaps restrict your scope, like eczema, psoriasis or acne vulgaris where raised postules have appeared on the skin.

Ask your client if they are aware of the cause of their acne as this will often help you to determine which products you can use safely. For example, teenage acne, normally a result of hormone changes, tends to clear up with age rather than a reliance on key products or medication. However, acne that has settled but left behind some scarring on the skin can be improved with skin brightening serums and chemical exfoliators.

Find out if your client is seeing a dermatologist or taking medicines that could affect the sensitivity of their skin.

It’s also useful to ask if they find that using certain products exacerbates their acne? Or are there any ingredients that soothe away their skin soreness and help to dampen down a flare up?

Before committing to a facial, ensure your client is aware that a one-time treatment is unlikely to clear up their skin immediately. They may require a series of treatments or may need to try a selection of facials to figure out which one suits their skin best.

The key is to start off slowly and gauge the temperament of your client’s skin before going all in. Try using products with anti-bacterial qualities that unclog trapped pores, adopting a gentle cleansing routine and applying healing masks.

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