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Skincare champions for partied-out clients

2 Min Read Monday 23rd December 2019

The combination of late nights, cold temperatures, alcohol and indulgent food can have a negative impact on the skin at this time of year, causing it to look dull, dry and sallow. The good news is that all that lost moisture, softness and radiance can be replenished and restored with the right combination of skincare champions.

Here are four fantastic Sienna X skincare products that can help your clients’ skin to look vibrant again after this season’s winter parties.

The Miracle Mask

When the skin needs a moisture hit it doesn’t come any better than The Miracle Mask. Packed full of Manuka honey and amino acids, this rich mask helps the skin to retain and lock-in moisture so it looks plumper and feels softer to the touch.

The Day Cream

Formulated to lift and brighten the skin, The Day Cream combines moisturising Shea Butter with nourishing Vitamin E, which is brilliant for repairing, soothing and calming chapped, dull skin.

The Chemical Peel

The Chemical Peel exfoliates, smooths and brightens the skin courtesy of the 10% glycolic acid blended into the formula. This clever ingredient exfoliates the top surface of the skin, revealing the fresher and plumper cells beneath. It also reduces discolouration, combats uneven pigmentation, curbs the appearance of scars and generally tackles dullness.

The Eye Cream

Brighten and tighten dark circles with The Eye Cream. The plant and kelp extracts firm and smooth the delicate skin under the eye area and the sodium hyaluronate boosts plumpness and elasticity.

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