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Sienna X's Top 6 Tips for Preparing to Spray Tan after Lockdown

7 Min Read Tuesday 23rd February 2021

It’s just around the corner, the day we’ve all been waiting for – it’s finally time to reopen and get back to spray tans after a long hard winter!

We know how you feel – super excited, ready to get back to seeing and treating all of your clients and doing what you love! But is everything you need ready too?

1. Check your stock holding

It’s been a hot minute since you’ve been able to get into the salon and tan clients, and we know just how much you’ve missed it and how excited you are! Our first and most important tip to get ready for reopening is to check your stock!

Pop off the lid of your spray tan solution bottles, and check the guide colour for green tint by tipping a little solution onto some kitchen roll. A small ring of green around the outside of the solution patch on the kitchen roll is normal, however, the main colour of solution should be a deep, dark brown. 

If it is a little green, however, never fear – this is only the guide colour! If you don’t wish to part with it, keep it on hand for friends, family and staff treatments as their end result will be the same glowing Sienna X colour we know and love, just as the colour develops it may have an olive tint! 

If over time; your solution has become significantly green, then it’s time to get organised and pop an order in for a fresh batch, before reopening!

Alongside the solution, be sure to check in on other treatment essentials such as Barrier Cream, Exfoliating Spritz, hair nets, sticky feet etc! 

Simply locate your favourite solutions here, or pop a call over to our friendly Contact Centre team on 0333 600 1200. 

2. Check the diary, contact clients and advertise reopening! 

Did you have clients booked in pre lockdown, that you had to postpone? Have you kept an up to date and comprehensive record of these appointments? If not, it’s a great time to start! 

Take a little time to contact all of your postponed clients, alongside your regular clients to help to gain more business for yourself as soon as you reopen, as well as ensuring you maintain a frequent and strong relationship with them.

You can even plan and share a reopening offer to help increase the footfall through your doors! Some ideas could be ‚ÄòBook 6 treatments, save 20%’,’ refer a friend and get ¬£5 off your next treatment’ and so on!

We know how busy you must be getting ready, so we’ve prepared a selection of ready-made reopening social media posts for you to share to attract clients!  

3. Ensure your gun is clean!

Your right-hand girl, your girl Friday – your spray tan gun is your single most important piece of equipment if you offer spray tanning services so ensuring that it’s clean and ready is key! (And what’s even better, it’s super simple!)

Aura Xena Gun

Fill the solution pot with hot water, and continuously spray onto a surface such as the inside of your tent, or into the kitchen sink for at least two minutes. Doing this allows any dried solution to be removed and the inners of the gun to remain free from any blockages, allowing for a flawless spray application! 

Once you’re happy, simply remove the pot and give the inside a wipe with a warm damp cloth to ensure there’s no remaining solution left inside.

When everything is clean, simply wipe down the exterior of the gun and you’re all done!

T200 ‚ÄòTrue Spray’ /Starter Gun 

Much like the Aura Xena, fill your pot with hot water and spray the gun onto a surface such as the inside of your tent, or into the kitchen sink for at least two minutes. 

As the hot water travels through your gun, it will begin to clean the inside, however, these guns take a little more maintenance.

Once this is done, take the cup off the gun and empty any water left. Next, pull out the pick-up tube and swill out behind it with very hot water again.

Leave the pieces to air-dry, and put firmly back together. Turn the density dial on the gun clockwise until it closes completely, and then back anti-clockwise again one full turn to reset it to the recommended working condition. 

Feel like your gun needs a little extra maintenance?

Ask our friendly Contact Centre team about our in house servicing from just £25 when you speak to them on 0333 600 1200

4. Your Tanning Cubicle and Booth

Much like your Machine & Gun, you can’t tan without your cubicle or booth! 

For your pop up cubicle, wait for a dry day (eventually!) and take your cubicle outside, or utilise a space that you don’t mind getting messy! Hose it down to wash away any excess tan from the sides, roof and even the floor! If you have a detachable liner or waterproof sheet, pop these in a warm wash alone on 30 degrees maximum.  For the shell of your cubicle, use hot soapy water to give it a good scrub down and watch how it shines. 

Allow it to dry out properly (it can air out indoors if the weather won’t hold out for you!) and don’t fold it away until you’re happy that it is completely dry.

For your booth, (avoiding any electrical components), check filters in the central column of your booth to ensure these are in good condition (no tears or rips and no clear saturation of excess tan etc) and do not need replacing.

For the wings – use hot soap to scrub down the wings. Depending on which booth you have, it may also be beneficial to check any storage you have and check for leaks, excess stock etc.

Once you’re happy, simply leave to dry and watch how it catches the sunlight ready for your clients!

5. Your Extractor

If you have an extractor fan, now is a great time to check and change your filters!

If your filters aren’t changed regularly, your extractor fan will become ineffective, not catching as much overspray as it should, and your warranty will become void. 

To make it super easy, we’ve listed all of our extraction units, how often you should change their filters and replacement ones should you need them. 

All replacement filters can be ordered with us here at Sienna X

Not sure which model you have? Give us a call and we can help! 0333 600 1200

6. Your Treatment Room/Area, layout, hygiene and practicality 

Now more than ever, it’s never been more important to ensure the utmost standard of cleanliness and safety, for yourself, your colleagues and clients! 

Now that all of your equipment is clean and ready – why not turn your attention to your treatment area and/or kit bag.

Look at these spaces in the mindset of your clients, is there anything that you don’t like the look of? Things that need a clean and popping in its proper place? Not only can a clean and rearrange give your clients confidence in your treatments but ensures the safety of absolutely everyone. 

Have a good clean up and invest in a new scented candle to help you create a calm and peaceful area. If you’re a mobile therapist, consider giving your car a good clean – you wouldn’t turn up with dirty nails or equipment, so don’t let your vehicle tarnish your reputation either! You can even treat your mobile office to a snazzy personalised car magnet too!

Do you provide a waxing and/or brows service also? Check out our top tips for preparing for reopening these too!

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