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Does Sienna X ship trade products abroad?

1 Min Read Tuesday 31st July 2018

Yes we do! From¬†Australia and the United States to Canada and New Zealand, we can ship our award-winning products to many locations abroad. So even if you leave the UK and head to pastures new, you won’t have to leave your Sienna X golden glow behind!

International shipping rates vary depending on where you’re based and the weight of the products you’re planning to order. As a rough guide a 1 Litre bottle of solution weighs about 1kg and a full kit will be approximately 25kg. For a detailed idea of how much shipping will cost click here. Or you can simply place your order online through your trade account and the shipping cost will be displayed at checkout (we’ll globally ship both retail and professional products).

Our Customer Services team is also available on 0800 131 3151 if you want to guarantee that we can ship to your chosen location. Or you can drop us an email, talk to us via live chat, contact us on facebook or tweet us if you’ve got any questions.


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