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Should you wax the top of your eyebrows?

2 Min Read Friday 7th June 2019

Groomed eyebrows open up the face, draw attention to the eyes and accentuate the browbone.

Waxing the area below the brows gets rid of strays and instantly neatens and lifts the arch. Plus, the precision-like quality of a wax application lends the eyebrows a sharp outline that looks fresh, clean and sleek. Add on a quick wax to neaten the central gap between the brows and leave the tops of the brows as they are for a finish that looks groomed but soft and natural.

Waxing above the brows is an additional step that’s a popular choice for people with thicker, heavier set brows that need an extra tidy-up at the top. Removing hairs from the above and below the brow line ensures the eyebrows have an immaculate outline and really pop, lending the face an ultra-polished look. Better yet, it takes minutes and the results last for weeks.

The character of your brows i.e. their texture, growth pattern and thickness will often determine whether you need to get the tops of your eyebrows waxed. In fact, leaving the brows as close to natural is in vogue these days so a quick tidy-up at the bottom might be all you’re after, even if your growth is heavy. Simply apply a fixing serum to keep any unruly hairs in place at the top and retain more of a natural finish.

The choice is up to you. But you can always ask your waxing therapist for advice if you’re unsure or perhaps even camouflage some of the hairs on the top of your brows at home with a matt concealer and see if you like it before getting them waxed.

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