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Should you ever wax the tops of your client's brows?

2 Min Read Monday 16th September 2019

Yes, you can wax the tops of your client’s brows, even though it might not be a common client request.

For many people, waxing below the brows alone is sufficient to achieving the perfect eyebrow shape. But for others, who prefer a slick, immaculate brow, waxing the top can lend the face a sharper focus and a flawless appearance.

Removing just a few of the finer, stray hairs above the brow brightens up the face and creates a neater, cleaner-looking finish. This ultra-groomed look is perfect for client’s who want to define and showcase their brows.

Client’s who have fast-growing, bushier brows that need a touch more taming often prefer having the tops of their eyebrows waxed too. Although heavy-set, thick brows are in vogue at the moment, not everyone wants to let their eyebrows rule the show; a touch of grooming above and below can tidy up unruly growth and draw the focus to the eyes.

The key is to always begin by waxing the gap between the brows and the area underneath, taking care to follow the natural arch. Then, if the tops of the brows need a tidy, go ahead and neaten the area up, making sure to retain the shape. Your main focus should always be on waxing the hair below the brows because this is where you can enhance the natural contour — removing hairs above works to eliminate rogue hairs that are outside of the desired shape rather than alter the arch.

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