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Shimmer like a starlet

2 Min Read Monday 19th March 2012

Shine with gorgeous gold and silver shimmer sprays.

Choose our scented spray to add sparkle to your event.

Feeling like the centre of attention shouldn’t be the sole reserve of celebrities so we’ve created a fine shimmer spray that will help you sparkle in Hollywood style.

Our sweet smelling shimmer sprays leave a beautiful sheen on your tanned skin in your choice of gold or silver. Ideal for glamorous nights out, glitzy parties and show stopping get-togethers, this superb product will catch beams of light and highlight all of the positive features of your body when you’re on the dance floor. Your skin will flicker under the disco ball giving you the chance to feel just as enchanting and magical as an A list movie star. Whether you are mingling with guests at a stylish evening wedding or popping some moves to the sound of a raucous DJ set, you’ll feel special, captivating and magnetic.

Applying the shimmer is safe and simple – just gently spray any area that you want to add an extra sparkle to. You might opt to spray your decolletage or cheeks to define your bone structure or choose to mist over your whole body. Each spray can be used on your hair and clothes too so if you want to avoid spraying your skin you can opt to jazz up your hairdo instead.

Feel like a starlet for a night and apply a shimmer spray on your sun kissed skin – you’ll dazzle whilst you dance the night away.

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