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Self tanners that don't smell

2 Min Read Friday 1st August 2014


Fragrant fake tans.

Protect your nose from smelly tanners.

Delicate schnozzle? Don’t let the smell of fake tan put you off from looking gorgeously golden this summer. To protect your olfactory from the smells of fake tan we’ve worked to create a product line that smells fragrant instead of ferocious.

Sunless tanner starts to smell when its ingredients react to the amino acids on the surface of the skin. This distinctive aroma is often described as ‘biscuity’ tang that gets stronger throughout the day.

Use Sienna X self-tanners and you’ll be able to bypass the biscuits, courtesy of the sweet-smelling formulations that boast scents of blackcurrant, pomegranate and cocoa butter. These well-known fragrances smell delicious against the backdrop of the British summer. And they’re great for moisturising and strengthening the skin too.

If that still doesn’t float your boat here are three ways to pare down the pong of a fake tan:

1. Apply your fake tan before bed and allow it to dry fully before putting your head on your pillow. You’ll sleep through the developing time and therefore won’t be bothered by any residual smell. Wash the product off in the shower in the morning and you’ll smell as fresh as a daisy.

2. When you shower make sure that you wash away all of the self-tanner on your skin. Pay close attention to the ankles and back, which can often be ignored. If you leave any tanner on the skin you may find that it will continue to darken and could still emit an unwanted smell. However, don’t use a harsh shower gel because this could cause your tan to fade early.

3. Use Sienna X products! Our tanning range is designed to smell fantastic so why choose any other brand?





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