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Say goodbye to Maskne!

4 Min Read Friday 25th September 2020

2020, the year to achieve all the goals, hit every promotion and live our best lives – until our new best friend came to town. Hi COVID 19, how’re you doing?

From lockdowns to travel restrictions and everything in between, we’re with you completely, that this year has not gone to plan so far in the slightest, but Maskne was certainly not part of the deal.

You know what we mean, those pesky, awkward and sometimes painful spots and acne from wearing your face covering regularly. #NotCute. 

But we’ve got your back! Here’s our top tips to banish your unwanted maskne! 

Be sure to keep your skin clean and moisturised.

A super simple step we know, but keeping your skin clean and moisturised with an effective skincare routine (both morning and night), can do wonders for banishing your maskne.

We promise that your routine doesn’t need to be super long and extensive unless you want it to be, of course. However, ensuring key steps such as cleansing your skin, applying a hydrating moisturiser and a fabulous SPF to keep your skin protected will do a fantastic job! 

If you’re on the search for an amazing one, why not take a look at our Priming Day Cream? Formulated with a soft-focus to help blur any imperfections as well as being ultra-hydrating and containing SPF 30, it’s a no brainer for our team! 

Ditch the make up for a day or two!

Your everyday make up is part of your getting ready routine for work, college or school we know, and studies have shown that it’s linked to our self-confidence, especially as we begin to progress through our careers. But did you know the friction between your favourite foundation, mask and skin can cause some painful breakouts?!

Once or twice a week (whatever you feel comfortable with!), opt for a make up free day! This can be days where you don’t need to leave the house too! 

By giving your skin a well-deserved break, it contributes to the regeneration of new skin cells as you go about your day, which in turn helps to prevent dirt, dust and grime from getting caught in between the layers and creating breakouts.

Treat your skin!

Treat yourself to that well deserved pamper night girl! 

Life has been crazy, plans have been cancelled, moved and rearranged and we know that you have not stopped – which means your skin hasn’t either! 

Pick a night this week and treat yourself to a super lovely self-care evening. Whip out a really luxurious facial treatment such as The Chemical Peel from our Skincare Collection, followed by your favourite face mask (psst, ours is The Clay Mask!) and take some time to relax completely!

Trust us when we say that your skin will be forever in your favour!

Keep your mask clean.

For all of us cloth mask users, keeping your face mask clean is vital to keeping your maskne at bay! 

Having to wear it every day, potentially for prolonged hours of the day exposes the material to the elements, including, unfortunately, the potential risk of COVID 19… 

Once a week or so, be sure to remove the changeable filter, and hand wash your mask with a bit of warm water and soap. Not only will it smell great once dry, but lowers the risk of all those nasties transferring onto your skin.

Bonus Tip: Talk to your nearest Sienna X Therapist!

A cheeky extra tip for you! Be sure to have a chat with your nearest Sienna X Qualified Therapist about your skin’s needs!

Our network of professionals has been trained to the highest standards to ensure that you feel your most confident self, including your skincare! You can find your closest therapist using our handy locator.

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