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Salon ideas for summer spray tan promotions

2 Min Read Friday 16th June 2017

The summer season = big bucks for tanning salons because there are heaps of events and occasions running throughout June, July and August that can¬†increase client footfall. Advertise¬†these five¬†tanning promos and you’ll easily attract new clients, keep your long-standing customers happy and fill up your appointment book:

Bridal tanning
There’s nothing as stunning as a summer bride. Offer ‘fake tan fittings’ that run over a couple of months to help brides finalise their colour choice and prep their skin before they take that walk down the aisle. They get showstopping skin in time for their big day and you’re guaranteed recurring custom in the run up to the wedding that hopefully extends¬†into the long-term.

Graduation tanning
Who doesn’t want to look picture perfect on graduation day? A caramel tan will beautifully complement a mortar board and gown, guaranteeing that every selfie is flawless and fabulous #noFiltersRequired. Why not grab a polaroid camera for the day and take a snapshot of your client’s face after the treatment to commit the moment to film? This fun little freebie¬†can make a fantastic keepsake for a memory book on the completion¬†of a degree.

Pre-holiday tans
Lots of people like to get a head start on their holiday glow by tanning-up before their summer vacation. Encourage clients to make a booking by sending out emails, texts and notifications reminding them that they can still get a suntan over a fake tan! Offer premium contoured tans that slim down the waist, accentuate the bone structure and highlight muscle tone for clients that want to look extra special in their beach bikini.

Prom tanning
Capitalise on the prom season by offering special offers to teenagers who want to look body beautiful for their last school hurrah! Tanning in tandem with a friend can be lots of fun for younger clients; offer ‘best friend tanning packages’ that include a complimentary product.

Festival tans
The warmer weather gives everyone a reason to whip out their sundresses, sandals and shorts for summer get-togethers and festivals. Ideal for hiding blemishes and stretch marks, a sun-kissed tan can bump up confidence levels and make clients feel super comfortable in their skin. Crank up the music during the treatment so the festival atmosphere can start early.

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