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Rules for spray tanning the hands

2 Min Read Friday 7th October 2011

Make sure your mitts don’t become stained with colour.

Tips for tanning your hands and avoiding streaks.

The natural blends and luscious ingredients in our spray tan products have been formulated to create a flawless finish but there are extra things you can do to ensure that your tan looks immaculate by following a handful of simple rules.

There are a few areas of the body where preparation is key to avoiding streaks, darker patches and stains – the hands are one of the most obvious places. It can be tricky to make the hands look natural in comparison to the rest of your body so be sure to apply Sienna X Barrier Cream in between the fingers, around the nails and on the cuticle bed. The lotion will stop the tanning component in the spray from colouring your hands and prevent your skin from absorbing too much Dihydroxyacetone, the sun-free tanning additive in Sienna X products. Barrier cream can be rubbed in to the elbows and knees as well as any other area of the body prone to dryness.

During the sunless tanning treatment you will be asked to stand as if you are holding a big ball – a light spray will be applied to your hands in a circular motion and allowed to develop. Following the session, a Sienna X tan removal wipe will be used over your palms and nails to clear off the excess tan and double check that they are free of colour. It is advised that you shouldn’t touch your skin during the development period because it could stain your hands and undo all the hard work that was done in the salon.

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