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Reasons to extend your salon opening hours

2 Min Read Tuesday 30th August 2016

Sticking to a 9-5 routine means that you might be missing out on securing business from potential clients who can’t make it to daytime appointments. Extending your salon opening hours is a clever way to maximise your profits.

A single weeknight opening can attract customers who prefer the convenience of booking in for a treatment immediately after work. Plus, evening appointments allow clients to sleep in their tans, giving their guide colour plenty of time to fully develop overnight.

If you’re one of the only salons in the area that provides a late night service you’ll be able to cash in on a niche market and become the ‘go-to’ salon for customers who require a specific range of non-traditional availability.

Bear it in mind that extending your opening hours will have a knock on effect on your overheads. Test the market first by asking your current clients if they’d appreciate weeknight treatments. If you find that there’s enough interest you can always try it out to gauge demand.

You could also introduce a mobile tanning service to your business to attract clients who can’t make it to your salon or prefer the convenience of an at-home treatment. Stay-at-home parents, people with mobility issues and older clients often favour the flexibility of a mobile service and you’ll be tapping into a ripe consumer market of customers who have a disposal income and require personalised treatments.

We can supply everything you need, including mobile tanning booths, solution and equipment, to administer a flawless spray tan.

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