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Quick Sienna X spray tans

2 Min Read Wednesday 2nd October 2013

Fit a fake tan into your lunch hour.

It only takes 15 minutes to look fabulous all week long.

Think you don’t have time to treat your skin to a gorgeous golden glow? Think again! Today’s fast-acting treatments take just 15 minutes to apply. So no more excuses…book your spray tan session now and pamper your skin with hydrating ingredients that boast a luscious fragrance.

Looking after yourself can often be overlooked when you have to take care of a family, a home and a career. However, it’s essential that you take some time out every now and again to feel like yourself again. Treat your body to a nourishing spray tan treatment and allow your batteries to recharge as your therapist makes you glow from head to toe.

Pick the perfect shade with your therapist and leave the salon a golden goddess, a burnished beauty or a sun-kissed senorita; the choice is yours. You can even fit a treatment into your lunch hour, which means you won’t need to book an evening or weekend appointment, and won’t need to arrange childcare.

Simply leave the solution on for 6-8 hours and wash it off in the shower. Follow up with a rich moisturiser like Radiance Body Balm and you’ll look tanned to perfection for the entire week.

Fake tanning is the easiest way to feel more confident about your skin because it takes virtually zero effort and garners maximum results. Better yet, Sienna X tanning solution hydrates and tones the skin, reduces the signs of ageing and hides blemishes, stretch marks and scars.


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