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How to put your waxing clients at ease

2 Min Read Tuesday 6th September 2016

It’s normal for many clients to feel uncomfortable about waxing for the first time. Aside from the mild discomfort that comes with waxing the legs and bikini line, it can also be daunting for new clients to reveal their body to a stranger. Not everyone feels body confident 100% of the time and it’s your job as a professional therapist to help your customers feel at ease.

Here’s how to create a comfortable waxing experience for your client right from the start:


As soon as your client walks through your door make them feel welcome and relaxed by smiling and greeting them kindly. This first impression will lay the foundation for your relationship so start off on the right foot by giving them a warm welcome.

Set aside time for a consultation

Once inside the waxing room¬†talk to your client about the different stages of the treatment eg. you’ll prep the skin with cleansing gel to prime it for the wax¬†application before waxing the treatment area and finally applying¬†a cooling creme to instantly soothe any discomfort.

Touch on any areas of concern

Ask your client if they have anything they’d like to discuss. New clients can be concerned about bikini line, Brazilian or Hollywood waxes because they¬†feel embarrassed and self conscious about revealing intimate parts of their body. Tell them that they are free to wear disposable underwear if they prefer and remind them that there will always be a towel available to keep them covered.

Keep up the conversation

During the session try to keep your client’s mind off the pain by coming up with interesting topics of conversation. However, some quieter customers may prefer not to talk — use your discretion and make the right call depending on your client’s body language and personality.

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