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How to protect your nails from fake tan

2 Min Read Thursday 16th June 2016

Your therapist will apply barrier cream over your nails to protect them from becoming stained at the tanning salon. If√Ǭ†you’re tanning at home you’ll need to be extra careful to steer clear of your cuticle bed and nails√Ǭ†when applying product on your hands to keep them looking neat, tidy and clean.

Here are two alternatives to barrier cream that you’ll probably have in your bathroom cabinet:

  1. Nail polish: Apply nail varnish over your fingernails and toenails to create a water-repellent barrier. This impermeable layer of polish will ensure that your tanner glides over your nails without discolouring them. Even a single application of clear nail polish works a treat!
  2. Petroleum jelly: Rub some petroleum jelly over your cuticle√Ǭ†bed and the tips of your nails. This method is quicker than applying nail polish because√Ǭ†you can start your treatment√Ǭ†immediately without having to wait for your nails to dry. Just be careful to stick to the nail area only – you don’t want to get any petroleum jelly√Ǭ†any areas of the body that you do want to tan, like the backs of the hands and the fingers.

If you don’t have either of these useful barriers gently run a cleansing wipe over your nails after you’ve applied your tan. It will pick up any residual product and neaten up your manicure, ensuring that your sunless tan looks natural and immaculate.

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