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Problem self-tanning areas tackled

2 Min Read Friday 5th August 2011

Self-tanning advice to help you achieve a flawless golden glow even on hard-to-tan areas.

Professional self-tan application tips for overcoming those troublesome tanning zones from Sienna X. 

Lines, pale patches and overtanned areas can all be concerns for the amateur self-tanner, but self-tanning couldn’t be easier when you know how best to apply your product. These easy tanning tips should banish those tell-tale lines and help you to achieve a stunning summery glow all year round without mistakes.

Anywhere on the body that is near a hairline can be a potential problem zone for self-tanning, but there are easy ways to blend your colour to create a natural-looking tan and avoid colour collecting where it shouldn’t. Blondes should be particularly careful when applying self-tanning products near to a hairline as the darker colour can transfer. A good tip to avoid any colour transferring is to slick a small amount of moisturiser along the hair line itself and along eyebrows to create a barrier. Gently blending with a cotton bud or cotton ball after you have applied your tanning product will help to remove excess moisturiser and tanning lotion.

Hands and feet are other potentially tricky spots to tan, but the thing to remember is that you need only apply your self-tan where the sun would naturally hit. This means that you don’t have to waste time tanning between fingers and toes or around the sides of the feet as this would not normally catch as much sun light. Apply self-tan to the backs of your hands once you have finished tanning the rest of your body. A tanning mitt is great but a few thick cotton pads can also do the job just as well and allow for precision application.

Scrub heels, elbows and knees with a good quality exfoliator such as Sienna X eXquisitely soft body polish and apply plenty of moisturiser before rinsing off just before application. Your skin should be left smooth and ready for your glow to glide on streak-free.

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