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Prepare for the salon - your pre-spray tan guide

2 Min Read Friday 24th June 2011

Find out how to prep your skin before a visit to the spray tanning salon.

Preparing for your spray tan salon treatment is important if you want a flawless, natural looking tan.

Getting your skin ready for a spray tan is an essential part of the tanning process and will help you to achieve the best results. Sienna X salon spray tan treatments take just ten minutes and with just half an hour’s preparation time a day before your treatment, you can ensure an incredible streak-free tan. That’s less than an hour to sun-kissed holiday skin, making it one of the quickest and most effective pampering treatments around.

Start your preparations at least 24 hours before your treatment, but when it comes to exfoliating and moisturing your skin it helps to do this regularly between your spray tans to keep skin smooth.

Waxing or shaving treatments exfoliate the skin as they remove hair and waxing in particular opens the pores. Leaving at least 24 hours between hair removal and your spray tan application allows the pores to close and helps prevent tell-tale dark spots on the skin.

Oils, moisturiser, perfumes, talcs and deodorant can all prevent even tanning, so make sure you shower off any products before attending your spray tan appointment.

If it is your first time receiving a spray tan it is advisable to have a patch test done before your treatment. However, it is very rare for the skin to have any adverse reactions to spray tan formulas as the active chemical ingredient works by reacting with naturally occurring amino acids in the skin.

A little preparation before your salon visit can go a long way and will ensure that your tan stays truer for longer.

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