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Neaten up your waxing station

2 Min Read Tuesday 28th June 2016

Create a luxurious environment in your treatment room by neatening up your waxing supplies and showcasing your premium products.

Untidy trolleys filled with clutter can make a space feel small and disorganised so remember to use those precious few minutes between treatments to neaten things up — throw away used spatulas and strips, wipe down bottles and return your√Ǭ†products to their√Ǭ†proper home. Remove√Ǭ†any extraneous bits and pieces√Ǭ†that you tend to use√Ǭ†for other types of treatment, such as facials and massages, before a session starts so that the treatment room looks spacious and smart from the outset.

Making a space for every item on your trolley will help you to keep things organised and guarantee that you have everything close to hand when you need it. Our Love It Kit is ideal because it includes an acrylic stand that’s the perfect size for housing the 3 step skincare system it comes with (it even has a dedicated compartment for spatulas and strips!). The pared back design makes it a perfect fit for every salon space and it has a wipe-clean surface to boot! Plus, because there’s a space for everything you can rest assured that your products are stowed away safely and securely, which is especially important when working with hot wax.

First impressions definitely count so it’s vital that you capitalise on the opportunity to create a space that√Ǭ†exudes luxury so that√Ǭ†clients feel pampered and relaxed. Attention to detail and consideration go a long way in building a professional environment and keeping your workstation neat is the first step to establishing a slick salon that clients return to again and again.



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